creative consulting

use our expertise from various years and fields.

travel- and hotel arrangements

you just leave your home, travel, arrive and feel well…


tell us what you would like to eat, we will have it on set or / and lead you to your favorite restaurants.

customs clearance / support

we provide all necessary services to bring you and your equipment and goods in and out the country.

Photo/Film- lighting equipment

for your photo- or film-production we take care about your lighting equipment. You tell us what  your needs are, we get it for you.

Prop Hire / Set Building

tell us your storyboard and we provide you with the right props and professionals to built up your scenes.

location scouting

wherever you want to go, or we already are able to show you the location or we will find it for you.

Production Management

whatever you need on set, we will provide the right professionals and services.

casting & booking

we find the actors or models who fit your ideas and budget.

Budgeting & controlling

estimating, controlling and billing is a high responsability we are aware at any phase of your production.


Besides the long experience the founders bring in, we provide well trained professionals for your project.

Transport & Accommodation

4×4, pick-up, beach buggy, motor-home, helicopter, national / international flights, sailing boat? you name it…